Imail, the innovative collaborative professional messaging

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    Save time with a smart messaging

    There will no longer be a need to manually allocate emails. Our messaging solution allows automatic email allocation based on language, content and the most competent employee that is available to process it.


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    Easy email management

    You know everything about emails. We make email management simple with novel functionalities so that your daily routine becomes easier.


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    Email software with overview

    With a holistic view of your inbox and statistical tools, you can make better use of your employees and allocate work fairly. 



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    Mail program with collaborative tools

    Say hello to clarity, order and logic. Forget about endless email forwarding. Replace it with information sharing and centralization (centralize instead of duplicating).

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    Email searches are optimized by novel functionalities. You can display answer templates for frequently asked questions. 




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    Optimized email follow-up

    Ensure email follow-up with a progress bar that enables identifying unprocessed emails. Our messaging solution also helps to process incoming emails. Generic email addresses are generated in an optimal and collaborative manner. 

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collaborative email management software

IMAIL, the first collaborative email management software  for teams is available to all companies.
Our most important innovation is the integration of artificial intelligence to email allocation.
The identification of the most competent employee is achieved using an algorithm that takes many criteria into account. Thanks to its algorithm and semantical analysis, our mail software identifies the email’s language and category and finds the employee that is the most competent to process it.

It also enables taking the employees’ real-time workload into account. Work allocation is therefore more just and the sender can receive an answer as soon as possible.
This novel email management strategy enhances and eases the processing of every email your company receives every step of the way, especially in the cases of emails that need to be reviewed by more than one employee

Choose a shared email inbox to avoid email overload.


professional email manager

Email management software to increase the collaborative work

Email sharing software  

Do many people work on the same project or is the help of a team collaborator needed?
IMAIL enables several collaborators to share the same email.
Adding notes and documents eases collaborative work and decreases response time.

By choosing a shared email inbox you will avoid email overload.

No email is forgotten  

Thanks to a new email management strategy using clear and visible processing statuses, no email is forgotten. This is a major innovation that empowers you to avoid email overload that often have catastrophic consequences.

Supervison Manager

A control board and a statistical tool provide a global overview of the work that remains to be done. These tools are very useful to all team supervisors and a great source of motivation for collaborators.

Taking your priorities into account  

In your company, the importance and priority of different contacts and emails vary. IMAIL’s customization of contact management and specific cases takes that fact into account.

collaborative messaging

assurer le suivi de vos emails

Collaborative inbox

With IMAIL, emails can be sorted based on priority. Not every incoming professional email or contact is equal with regard to urgency or importance for you or your teams.
That is why sorting based on importance is integrated in your messaging software with IMAIL.

Assigning a priority level to a contact
Assigning a priority level to an email
Organize your inbox and your collaborative inbox by on priority
Avoid email overload


assurer le suivi de vos emails

collaborative software, mail inbox

Finally, an collaborative inbox for teams that provides a clear view of the emails that require processing.
Moreover, you are notified at every step of the processing of shared emails.
A shared email is defined as an email that requires processing by multiple people and providing a collaborative web tool. Thus, you will no longer need to endlessly forward emails.
A control board also provides an overview of recent emails and recent shared emails.
But you will also be able to directly access your favorites. We have introduced favorite mail management in order to enable you to directly access important emails.
As you process emails, a colored bar shows your progress and its colors are updated in real time. This tool motivates employees while making messaging more playful.

Resut: email overload is avoided

assurer le suivi de vos emails

They talk about IMAIL

Treatment of incoming mail


Anti spam & antivirus

Our messaging system comprises an antispam filter as well as antivirus analyses. Therefore, every incoming email is checked before appearing in your inbox.
These fully centralized safety checks are more reliable than computer-based safety systems.
The reception of a malicious email on multiple computers can infect the whole company if only one computer uses an outdated antivirus (any duplication of a malicious email on a computer carries risks).


When an email appears in your inbox, it is displayed in bold and red, because no action has been taken yet.

It is automatically positioned in your inbox based on the importance of the contact that sent it.


With IMAIL, emails can be sorted based on priority. Not every incoming professional email or contact is equal with regard to urgency or importance.

That is why sorting based on importance is integrated in your messaging software with IMAIL.

You can allocate priority level to every email or contact by choosing a number of stars.
That way, smart routing takes that parameter into account when new emails are received.
With one easy click, you can sort your emails based on the importance of the contact or the urgency level of the email.
Therefore, you can optimize the planning of the treatment of your professional emails by sorting them based on how urgent they are.

Status progress

A status relating to the progression of its processing is attributed to each email. After opening an email, its status becomes “read” and the color of its status progression bar changes to a certain percent of green.

Thus, glancing quickly at your inbox, you recognize the tasks that are currently being undertaken and the related emails and progress bars.
Moreover, your inbox only contains emails that require processing, so you get a better overview. You can then directly answer emails or take a look at a list of suggested answers

Team work, no more cc,bcc

With a shared inbox no more forwarding, cci, fwd or :RE :RE…

You can attach notes and documents to emails that are only visible internally.  
You can delegate work in one click (emails are transferred from you inbox to a colleague’s inbox without creating a duplicate; the result is one single email with all the attached notes and documents).
Or you can  share it (one single email is available to several collaborators on a sharing basis; each action is visible to all collaborators).

Each email comes with its own history of past actions undertaken by you or your collaborators.

Using #Hashtag to organise your mail

One or several hashtags of your choice can be attached to each email in order to find them easily in the future.

For example: #offer #2016 #Dupond SA Forget about laboriously filing emails in folders and subfolders

Close email

All actions that needed to be undertaken concerning an email and the related tasks have been completed.

You can then close it. Its progress bar then entirely turns green and the email is no longer displayed in your inbox so that it is not cluttered with closed emails.

Only emails that still require processing are displayed in your inbox. 

Forget the feeling of email overload.

Export email to PDF

You can display closed emails in one click in “processed emails”.

You can also export them in PDF at any time and stock them in the CRM.


No more internal forwarding.
No more unprocessed or email overload.
Facilitated internal communications.
Shorter processing time.
Shorter time to provide answers.